Best New Fashion Blog

BNFB Tip #1:

If you must get a tattoo, get it in invisible ink.  It hurts just as much as coloured ink but won’t piss off your parents.

As the dowdiest, frumpiest, pot-belliest and potentially worst-dressed person at Shopify, I’ve decided to launch a fashion blog - before my boss (and fashion rival) Russ retires and launches his own, which he is thinking of naming Kilts-R-Uss. 

I have three looks:  an office look, an urban look and a Coachella look (thanks IBK for telling me what Coachella is - yes, I get my 'cool' tips from engineers).  

Office look:  when buying pens consider their potential to double as hair ties.  I like Paper Mate's ComfortMate Ultra (I use the 1.0M) on clean hair days:  the rubbery sides stick a bit better. A standard Sharpie's good too:  it has smoother sides and I'll use it when I'm wearing black (Mondays).  While it can be a bit heavy for my thinning hair, thick-haired girls should have no problem.

Finally, today I got a handy email from Shopify on how to make your own lip balm.  Informative, thorough and especially, time consuming.  Now, you could go to all this trouble or you could just stick your pinky in your ear, then smear whatever you fish out across your lips.  Not only does earwax seal and moisturize, it will also keep you from licking your lips.  Credit to Yankee Magazine (go-to fashion resource).