Fashion Rules

BNFB Tip #2:
Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. Hence, this blog.

No white shoes before Memorial Day or after Labor Day.  Never mix metallics.  Horizontal stripes are best left to narrow people.

There's a book on the dangerous false confidence of blindly following rules and adhering to theories as if they were 100% situationally correct.  Fashion's not mentioned, but it should have been.  There's a guy at work who wears white shoes year round, and he rocks them.

Here's a true story illustrating my point.  I get an invitation, with my name on it, to the kind of party where they take pictures of the guests and put them in the newspaper’s social column. Never mind that I had to ask someone to get me the invitation. I find the perfect dress at a vintage booth at a local farmer’s market, and excitedly bring it home, only to hear my date tell me that, if I wear it, there’s no way he can accompany me.

So I seek a second opinion. After all, the dress is red white and blue and it is a Fourth of July party.  My trusted source tells me it is ‘definitely a look’, and gives me tips on how to make it look ‘less costume-ey’ and suggests ways to cover it up (‘jean jacket? white blazer?’).

Moral of story:  beware the false safety nets life presents us and just roll with it.  Rules are really guidelines for beginners.  There are so many other, far more important things to consider.  So next Tuesday, break out those wool runners in pure natural white and rock them.