Think Biden’s forgetful? Look in the mirror.

What all did you forget?

Did you forget…

  • that Trump was handed a perfectly good crisis to lead us through and screwed it up royally. (“I don’t take any responsibility at all.” March 13, 2020)
  • or how, when standing next to Putin, he sided with Russia over the US (believed Putin over the entire US intelligence community:  “I see no reason why Russia would meddle in our elections.” Putin said he didn’t do it so that’s that.)
  • or how much hate he stirs up (“very good people on both sides” when one of the sides is white supremacists)
  • or that he ignores all evidence ( and scientific consensus that greenhouse gas emissions are contributing to climate change, weakened limits on emissions, and supports drilling in our national forests and nearly all US waters.
  • or how he told people on January 6, 2021, after droning on and on and on with lie after lie after lie, to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue and “take back our country” and that people were killed, including a police officer?

You are free to vote to elect a hateful and delusional narcissist and traitor to democracy to lead our great nation, close your eyes, cross your fingers and hope he does better second time round.  At least you’ll make the billionaires happy.

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